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I always love watching the eagles!

eagle cam

When will the fledge?


were they at


Its so cute can you put one in lyndhurst OH? if you do OMG!!!! :D


I know this doesn't have anything to do with the Eagles, but could you at least change the commercial that we have to see before the Eagles. I don't mind the commercials but I'm tired of watching the same Vaseline commercial. Thank You.

Re: Commercials

Hello, Howard. Unfortunately I have no control over what commercials appear or how often the same commercial is played. Thanks for watching!

Ohio eagles

how many eggs are they incubating in Ohio? I'm watching Hayes eagles in Pittsburgh and Berry College in Georgia. Pittsburgh 3 and Berry 2 but Berry's eaglets are looking about one pound already. Fascinating birds Thank you all for making this possible.

Re: Ohio eagles

Hi, Joan! The eagles laid three eggs this year, which is about the norm for this particular nest. This nest is not actually located in Ohio, but in Decorah, Iowa. The reason for this is that I use only free services for this website so that I can keep it simple and free for everyone to enjoy, and to my knowledge there are currently no eagle nest cams based in Ohio which allow others to embed the live stream onto their own website. I'm glad you visited and hope you come back to keep watching. Be sure to check out other parts of the site, also! Updates are coming to the other portions of the website very soon.

To learn more about the group that makes this live stream available, check out their website: https://www.raptorresource.org/

Re: Re: Ohio Eagles

How can you say these are Ohio Eagles, if in fact, they are Decorah, Iowa Eagles..Are these Eagles from the N2B nest? ty

Re: Re: Ohio eagles

Ohio has many Eagle nests, most notably near me are Florida, Ohio, and Grand Rapids, Ohio, where nests have been repeatedly used by pairs of Eagles over the last couple decades. Unfortunately, there no cams available. The nests, however, are easily sighted at these locations and regularly visited by locals. Thanks for sharing your Iowa cam through this website where Ohioans can locate it, too!

Re: Re: Re: Ohio eagles

I've seen a pair of eagles and juveniles flying, soaring and fishing in Celina, Ohio on Grand Lake's West Shore on 10/15/2018; at Fort Loramie Lake; Columbus, Ohio area at a few refuge parks in Oct 2018; Englewood, OH at two of their parks by the lakes this summer; and a juvenile eagle in Union, OH in a snag tree by a park pond by North Park; Magee Marsh Refuge in Oregon, Ohio two Springs ago ... saw two nests, one with two active eaglets wingersizing and their busy parents (my very first eagle encounter!); Grand Rapids, Ohio by the Maumee, OH; Dayton, OH!!!


it is so cool to see eagles live in the woods

cut cool and funny

the eagle is funny and cute cool


You have the best close ups. Currently watching the Hayes eagle cam in Pittsburgh, Berry College cam in Georgia, and the Harmar eagle cam a suburb of Pittsburgh. I also find time for the Columbus peregrine falcons in, She has a clutch. Great job, keep up all that you do, and thank you.

New Egg

Looks like we have an egg for 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the nest built?

This is the Decorah Eagle's fourth nest. The first nest was destroyed in a storm. Their second nest was built in 2006, and they used it for six years before building a new nest. This new nest, their third, was also destroyed during a storm in July 2015. After their third nest was destroyed, the good folks at Raptor Resource Project, which make this cam available, built the eagles their fourth nest, which is the nest which they are currently using.

How long have the Decorah eagles been nesting?

The pair first nested in Decorah during the winter of 2007-08.

How old are the eagles?

The female is estimated to be about 11 years old, and the males age is unknown.

How can I tell the male eagle from the female?

While telling the difference between the two can be difficult, the male is actually smaller with a more smooth head. The female's head feathers appear to be more 'ruffled'.