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I always love watching the eagles!

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When will the fledge?


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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the nest built?

The current nest was built in late 2012 and was first used in the 2013 breeding season. The previous nest was built in 2007 after their original nest fell when a supporting branch broke in a storm. You can read about the initial discovery of the new nest here.

How long have the Decorah eagles been nesting?

The pair first nested in Decorah during the winter of 2007-08.

How old are the eagles?

The female is estimated to be about 10 years old, and the males age is unknown.

How can I tell the male eagle from the female?

While telling the difference between the two can be difficult, the male is actually smaller with a more smooth head. The female's head feathers appear to be more 'ruffled'.

Decorah Eagle News

2nd eaglet hatches

   Today (4/4) the second eaglet, D19, hatched. There is now one egg left to hatch, which should do so in just a few days.

First egg hatches

   At 10:22 EST, the first eaglet of the season, D18 hatched. Pictured below is a screen shot of the first glimpse of the newly-hatched eaglet.    The next eggs should hatch 3-4 days apart, and three days after this egg.

Third egg arrives

   The third egg of the Decorah eagles arrived last night (3/2) at 6:43 PM. This means that the eagles have laid 3 eggs every year since their second year nesting. Most eagles lay two eggs each season, a few lay three, and it is rare for an eagle to lay more than three eggs....

Second egg arrives

Yesterday at 5:33 pm CST (6:33 EST), the second egg of 2014, D19, was laid. In the past years, the eagles have laid three eggs every year. If this continues, the next egg should be laid in about two days.

First egg of 2014

   Today at 4:55 PM CST (5:55 EST), the female eagle laid D18 (their 18th egg). Any other eggs to be laid should be here in about 2-3 days. The Decorah eagles have laid 3 eggs every year since their second year nesting. Video posted below.