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American Woodcock Nest!

   Last weekend while I was hunting for shed antlers, I happened upon a most unexpected find- the nest of an American Woodcock! The only...
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Baby Killdeer Rescued

   This video, posted to YouTube on March 23, shows a young Killdeer rescued from a PVC pipe which it was stuck in. See the video below:
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An Unexpected Lifer

   A fairly new tradition of mine is to go out on the first warm, wet night in March and look for frogs and salamanders in the woods behind...
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Bird of the Month

Carolina Chickadee

Photo: Carolina Chickadee//Junior Barnes    The Carolina Chickadee is one of two chickadee species occuring in Ohio, the other being the...

Dark-Eyed Junco

Photo: Dark-Eyed Junco//Junior Barnes    The Dark-Eyed Junco is a common winter bird species throughout the entire state, and is often...

Northern Cardinal

Photo: Northern Cardinal//Junior Barnes    The Northern Cardinal is a common bird throughout all of the midwest eastern US. The Northern...

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